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It was exactly six years ago that I asked my blog followers to check out my daughter Jennifer's new blog HERE. A follower of mine popped over there and when Jennifer posted that she was starting to sell a new line of jewelry called Stella and Dot she got one comment. That one comment Jenny led to a gal named Jenny Foley joining Jennifer's new team. Together they have built an amazing team of over 2200 Stella and Dot stylists. This January Jennifer and Jenny took a group of their directors to Napa to celebrate. 

Jennifer (bottom center) with her Stella and Dot Directors at Cakebread Winery

Jennifer, Kelly, Jenny
Jennifer and Jenny were also celebrating Kelly Sears Cox who has reached Platinum Director. BTW, that's huge people!! So, Jennifer and Jenny secretly commissioned me to paint the Cakebread Winery as a gift to Kelly. And this weekend Kelly was surprised with her new painting. That smile says a lot.

Cakebread and Kelly meet
Jessica Herrin and Jennifer Storey
Never underestimate how the smallest things can turn into HUGE blessings. When we simply ask God to use us today; expect it to happen. Six years ago, one blog post, one response and 2200+ women's lives have been touched. So glad I was a part of it.

AND...For the other gals in the photo, or anyone else, I am offering a print of the original painting in my Etsy Shop. Available in a 5x7 or 8x10. If you all live near each other I can fit a few in an envelope to save on shipping. Just send me a note over on Etsy. 

Oh, and to my other friends, since I'm on a Stella and Dot kick, did you all see the founder, Jessica Herrin, on Undercover Boss recently? If you missed it, here's the link-worth the watch.

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