Friday, August 5, 2016


Back in December my daughter requested a large abstract painting from me for Christmas. I was still experimenting in abstract so I held High Mass over this project. Once completed, we took the 40"x40" painting off the frame and packed it in a heavy tube. Too large for carry-on I reluctantly checked it in at the airport. When we arrived in Indianapolis at midnight, I held my breath as all the luggage was off the carousel and people cleared tube, no painting. Turns out it never left San Diego. It finally arrived just in time to put it all back together for Christmas morning and her reaction made all the trouble worth it. 

 Above was a temporary location until Jennifer's kitchen remodel was complete. Now here it is in it's permanent spot above this beautiful credenza:

So that was the gift part of the story. Now pay attention all you artists who wonder how you'll ever get noticed. I got an email from a friend of Jennifer's saying her mom absolutely loves that painting and wanted to commission me to make a smaller version for her mom's 60th. Jennifer was fine with that so I just completed this 10"x10" little sister, which I titled "Blow out the Candles".

Her mom never saw my work in person, only images on Facebook or Instagram. And now her daughter is discussing another commission for herself. You just never know who will be watching and one thing can lead to endless possibilities. Just keep on painting and posting! 

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  1. Paula, that painting is definitely gorgeous and worth re-producing! Good things like that have a way of catching the eye and making people remember. Success be with you and may it keep going!



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