Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I was still not feeling my best and totally lost my voice for the entire weekend. That didn't stop me from having a wonderful time, as you'll see. Such an incredible weekend in Chicago at the 2008 Country Living Womens Entrepreneur Event. So many great women all in one place. Here's gorgeous Heather Bailey who was on a panel talking about the internet and the blogging world (of which Heather rules for her blog Hello my name is Heather).

Vicki Mote Bodwell owns Warm Biscuit and was a 2006 Country Living Woman Entrepreneur of the Year. Vicki, Polly and I all have the same awesome web designer, Ron Giusti, whom we all absolulely adore. We boast being members of our fan club "Ron's Peeps".

Below, I wanted to show you my Jennifer's wedding invitation from almost 10 years ago. This was one of Anna Griffin's Imprintables which put her on the invitation and stationary map. We saved money by purchasing Anna's kit and doing the work ourselves. Oh so many bows to tie!!
Why do I show a 10 year old invitation? Because Anna Griffin was a guest speaker at the event and an absolutely delightful person, so down to earth. Felt as if we'd known her forever.

On Sunday some of us met up to do shopping and lunch in Lincoln Park. Here Heather and I stopped talking 90 mph long enough to get our photo taken.

From left to right: Bari J Ackerman of Bari J, who makes handbags and accessories. Anita Hopper of ReFind Originals. She uses discarded leather to design one-of-a-kind handbags and Woof Packs. On the other side of me is Joanna Figueroa, owner of Fig Tree Quilts, filled with her own fabrics, patterns and other goodies. Heather Bailey, fabric designer and blog queen. Jennifer, my daughter, my pride and joy and my right hand gal.

So now we are all back in our various parts of the country, but fond memories and new friendships remain. An event that's well worth attending next year.


  1. Hi ladies! We so enjoyed meeting you all in Chicago!
    Great pictures!

  2. I just found out about Mimi's Collection today and I have to say I am head over heels in love with your designs. Absolute gorgeousness!

  3. Wonderful to browse through your pictures of the event.

    I was there too and it was such an inspiration to be surrounded by so many energized and creative people.

    It was great!

  4. Paula! So fun to meet you and HANG with you in Chicago...Ron is SO proud!


  5. It looks like you all had a great time with fellow women entrepreneurs in Chicago. Thank you for sharing!



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