Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I have to share a wonderful Wyatt Storey story. An example of why children melt our hearts.

First of all, I'd never suggest this to the faint of heart, but Jennifer and I have made a decision to have Wyatt and Amelia be with us in the day to day business operations, which we run out of my home. So, as a side note, if you call to place an order, don't be surprised if you hear a kid announcing they have to poop.

Okay, about Wyatt. He came in the other day with his pillow that he said he was taking to school for Show + Tell. I'm puzzled because this boy has no lack of toys and gadgets. I'm imagining him showing his classmates how he sleeps. So I take the bait...why a pillow? Then Wyatt confidently shares that when his cousin Kyle spent the night they had a pillow fight with dad. He was so animated and excited, giving a "blow by blow" (couldn't help the pun), giggles and glee abounding. I was amazed at the genuine simplicity and the wonderful lesson. An old fashioned pillow fight with special people beats out Nintendo DS for Show + Tell.

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