Wednesday, July 16, 2008


As I am working on the finishing touches for my new studio I thought I'd share an easy makeover with you. I have not had any extra time for fun projects, so this one just fell in my lap. I ran an errand one day recently and swung into a local "antique" store. I am usually sceptical about what many of these places call "antiques", so expected it would be a very short walk through. However, I spotted 2 mirrors. One a cheap plastic repro for $15.00 and another smaller one for $9.00 (this one was the better find...made in Italy of plaster and in perfect condition). I bought both.

The molded plastic mirror was actually more interesting to my creative needs because I felt free to redo without guilt. Since I am currently liking the idea of "framing" whatever in our displays (notecards, a quote, etc.) I wanted to not confine this frame to one use. Since we do numerous shows around the country I thought this could be a multi-purpose redo.

This was the easiest makeover I think I've ever done. I removed the mirror out of the back easily. Then after washing off any dust/dirt I laid the frame out in the yard and simply spray painted. Since it was a plastic frame I used a plastic spray paint. Took 5 minutes total! This project has so many uses...a magnetic board; cork board; inspiration board; picture frame; etc.

I decided to use this in my studio as an almost transparent addition; giving me the option of easily taking it to a show and returning it afterwards..hardly missed. You'll see when it all comes together.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm glad you said you liked the black rail. I just don't think white would look right! Plus I've heard every room needs a little black!

    I love your fabrics! That must be quite a thrill to see your name on them! Wow, very impressive!



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