Friday, July 18, 2008


No, REALLY CLOSE. Okay, awhile back we got a call from Domino Magazine requesting 20 picture frames for a photo shoot. Jennifer was calm on the phone, but once she hung up we did the "We're Going To Be In Domino" dance. We make everything to order, so we were tripping over each other trying to get these out the door in time. So a couple days ago our Domino comes in the mail. Jennifer and I each had an end of the magazine and pulling for dear life. I "let her" have it, since I'm that kind of person...cough.

Jennifer flips through the first time. Can't find anything, so second time she goes through slowly with a magnifying glass (just kidding) and finally found this one frame. Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful for any exposure for our products, but I can't help chuckle about what we imagined with 20 frames and what actually appeared. Big learning curve over here! Domino is one of our favs, so we imagined...well, you can imagine what we imagined, can't you? Have a chuckle with us, won't you?

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