Tuesday, September 23, 2008


This past week has been tougher than I hoped for. As the swelling of my Popeye arm has been receding, the discomfort in my shoulder kept increasing. Turns out my shoulder was fractured as well. Doctors and physical therapists repeat the same news. Good news: I am making amazing progress. Bad news: In the best of circumstances this break has the longest and most painful recovery.

The hardest thing for me is the additional weight my injury has put on the people closest to me. Jennifer, for unstance, has taken on many of my tasks to her already bursting workload. With huge orders from the New York, Atlanta and L.A. shows, I can't begin to express my gratitude for all she's dealing with. Love you girl!

On a humorous note (not to be confused with humerus, which is not funny) I needed to be presentable this weekend when no one was available to help me. I literally dripped water on my hair with my right hand, then leaned my head as forward as I could go and threw Velcro rollers at my hair, since I certainly can't be trusted with a flat or curlling iron. Once the rollers made contact I tried to arrange and manipulate them, it worked better than I imagined. Maybe I'll do a video tutorial? Oh, but do they even still make Velcro rollers anymore?

My first Flights of Fancy fabrics are due to arrive in my hands today. This should be thrilling, huh? I am finding myself hugely overwhelmed. Between the idea of finally seeing more than a piece of each pattern and color, the need to have my arm cooperate, and by the wonderful outpouring of support from so many creative people! There is so little time to put this all together, but I live for the challenge. If you don't hear from me it's because I'll be buried in my own bliss!


  1. Oh my goodness!

    What a trouper you are, what a horrid and nasty accident to happen, all from falling down a pavement.

    Poor you!

    Enjoy your moments of bliss!

  2. You sure are one blessed lady to have such great friends to help you. I hope you heal quickly!

  3. So glad you have her! Enjoy your fabric :)

  4. Can't wait to meet Jennifer! You 2 are so lucky to have each other so cloe by... my mom is states away! WAAAH!

    Did you get everything figured out yesterday? Let's touch base on Monday! :)

  5. Hi Paula!

    Trying to catch up on my blogging...back from Boston and still a little off track. Hope you are healing!!!It takes such along time the older we get!

    Blessing to you and your fabric line looks wonderful:)




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