Wednesday, October 1, 2008


At least according to Pregnancy and Newborn is the new black. That works for me since they included our wall art (coordinating butterfly is also available) as one of their examples.

So, I got to thinking about orange. Jennifer has just compiled a list of our top sellers this year and in all categories I noticed several best sellers had orange colorways. Then I got to thinking; wonder how many of my blogger friends have seen what we do around here. Hhmm. More thinking....I haven't offered a sale in awhile...and our fall items are being added to both Paula Prass and mimi's collection right now. Now I'm thinking maybe I could have a sale for my orange wall art. about all my canvas wall art from October 1-31 for 20% off? Yes, let's do it. When ordering, just put "orange" as the code. Now orange you glad I got to thinking? Me too.

So many other things happening around here. Where to start? The fabrics have arrived!!!! What an exciting challenge. I had a couple people who offered to help, but my friend and fellow fabric designer Patty Young gathered a few of her sewing friends to help me out. I'll plant a big juicy kiss on her later! She knows so many talented gals and I am so appreciative and honored that they are willing to help. My entire family room, eating area and kitchen have been filled with fabrics that will soon become clothing and decor! I must admit it was a challenge with one arm not cooperating in the process, but I won.

Today my Mia came in after preschool looking so adorable. I decided to try a photo shoot experiment for 2 reasons. 1) I need to use my arm, and 2) prepare Mia for her soon to be modeling shoot for our new fabrics. Keep in mind when you ask her to smile she gladly squints her eyes shut and makes an extreme pained smile. Hilarious, unless it's a school photo or Holiday portrait. So we practiced my arm and her modeling for a few minutes. Okay, let's start with Orange meets Fuchsia meets Mia.

The colors of fall combined with the sweet innocence of my Mia make me very happy!


  1. Mia is so sweet! Glad you are getting along alright :)

  2. I do like orange. It is comforting,quite appropriate for all seasons (unlike pink for example) and less depressing than black. Too much black going on around the world, don't you think?



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