Monday, January 5, 2009


Hey, I found these on the Fat Quarter Shop website. It still catches me by surprise to see my fabrics out there. Once you get your creative little fingers on these fabrics I'd be so thrilled for you to share with the rest of us what you've made. I set up a Flights of Fancy pool on Flickr for you to add things. Hope you will!

Speaking of fat quarters: All this quilt/sewing/fabric talk is fairly new around here. I knew all the lingo for home dec sewing from my interior design business. However, there is new lingo that gets thrown around in conversation that my husband had never heard before. When I used the term "fat quarter" in a sentence he got a puzzled look, was silent for a moment, then simply said. " Animal. Vegetable or Mineral?" I can't say "fat quarter" now without giggling on the inside.

I am planning some sewing projects myself, but nothing ready to show. We're still juggling too many things right now. Hoping to have some fun creating with my own fabrics very soon.


  1. Oh my gosh, Paula! That turquoise Eiffel tower will be perfect in Em's room. Any idea if I can find it locally? I love it all!

  2. Thanks! I will definitely post a photo when it's completed... It looks so nice now that I'm almost afraid to will be my first attempt at quilting!

  3. Thanks for setting up the Flickr Pool. I'm excited to see what everyone creates with your lovely fabrics. And I'll be sure to add pictures as soon as I finish up my creations.

    Happy New Year!

  4. Hi Paula!
    So glad to see is carrying your line ;0)
    So pretty!!!
    Will any of you fabrics be available in 54" width? Just wondering...

    See you soon!!!!

  5. Thanks for this beautiful fabric, I am now attempting to make a patchwork toddler blanket. The fabric is so Beautiful I had a hard time cutting it.

  6. Thanks for this beautiful fabric! I am attempting to make a patchwork toddler blanket with it and I had such a hard time cutting it because it's just so beautiful.



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