Sunday, January 4, 2009


So I did it. Tim and I hopped in the car this weekend and made our way into a full parking lot and followed the hoards of people into the local indoor exercise facility. I chose the track while Tim went swimming. I decided to walk fast...8014 steps to be exact (pedometer) to control the jiggling from all those mashed potatoes and chocolate covered pretzels I had consumed over the holidays.
.As I walked my way around the track (not an easy task with half of my hometown doing the same thing) I questioned again why I resisted following the crowd. Then I remembered my senior prom 1970. I was adament back then to have a one-of-a-kind prom dress. I didn't want to act better, I just wanted to be unique. I went to great lengths to pay for a dress that I was told was "an original", I loved it and I just knew it would turn heads. Yeah, and apparantly Lerner's loved the dress, too, because they made a knock-off. I was unique all right: the only gal in my huge graduating class that paid 3 times more for my "Lerner's" dress and there were 6 of us with the same dress!
That long walk around Memory Lane got me curious. So I came home and pulled out my very retro 1970's photo album. I bet you're wondering what magnificent "ball gown" I wore to the prom, aren't ya? Well, my dress was actually very simple, not showy at all. It was very different at the time because it was actually a pants dress, but didn't look like it. It was pink crepe and had a waistband with pearls and beads. All I could only find was this horrible Poloroid, so I drew it for you.

So here's what I learned through this walk....I need to walk a heck of a lot more!!! Look at the top photo. I had a neck back then! I was pretty sure I used to have one, but here's the proof. And look at those arms. Obviously I should have been following the crowd to the gym ages ago!!


  1. The mind is a very strong instrument indeed. Happy navigation to a beautiful new year.

  2. I have to hit that indoor exercise facility myself. Gravity is not a funny thing.

  3. Oh my! Paula you were stunning then! And your still stunning now! You look so pulled together when I saw you. Nothing wrong with wanting to be fit though. After this baby, I will have plenty of work myself!

    I love the photos! What a fun share!!

  4. Mmmmm chocolate covered pretzels! The photos are beautiful. I think we should bring back really big leg pant dresses!

  5. I loved reading this post. You look stunning!! I can see you in Jennifer. You have accomplished a ton this year and your creative juices never stop!! I love your work, your blog, and of course your family =)

  6. What a great post and wonderful pictures! And you have so much to be proud of. I can hardly believe all that you've done in a year. Here's to a happy 2009!



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