Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Above is a vintage postcard of the Old Mission, but I can tell you, it still looks exactly as it did. Walking the nearby streets was like a step back in time. I LOVE doors with character, especially doors leading to a courtyard. So mysterious. Here's just a few.

I love speakeasys. I saw quite a few, but only captured a couple. Many houses are surprisingly close to the sidewalk so I felt a bit uncomfortable.

Here are just some fun pictures back on the grounds of the Oceana. So many charming nooks, lots of European influence all around and red geraniums everywhere.


  1. I love all of your photos! They are especially inviting because is is pretty cold here, and we have a nasty inversion. One in which not even healthy people should go outside. Your post is a beautiful getaway for me! I love arched doorways and red gerianums! I want to brush the leaves and smell their fragrance, yum.

  2. Just thought i would tell you a little about the idea of the geraniums, im sure you probably already know this...but they are all over the place here in england, and especially in Germany. Though i think they are beautiful...i HATE the way they smell. WELL i guess it's that smell that gets put to good use. The Germans put them in all their windows to keep flys out of the house! WE don't have ANY screens on ANY windows over here in england or germany! Just a little tid bit of trivia there for ya! BEAUTIFUL pictures!! I love taking pictures of doors and entry ways as well!

  3. Thanks so much for posting all the California pics - makes me homesick! And I am a big door lover too. Glad i finally discovered your blog, sweet Paula. The pictures of you and Barbi are so great!



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