Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Santa Barbara might just be my new favorite vacation spot. I am sitting here among breathtaking mountains, the ocean and beautiful architecture. It is so peaceful and serene. There are no bugs to attack me and no humidity to attack my hair. I can walk for miles, which I do daily. I have had time to journal, pray, read, meditate..I'm trying to over compensate for normally neglecting such important things. I am so thankful I have been given this time to plan and regroup for the months ahead.

If you have never been to Santa Barbara, I'd love to take you along on my daily walking tour. Note: the vintage postcard above is now one of 3 buildings that have been turned into the boutique Hotel Oceana Santa Barbara . It is quite charming in every respect..old Santa Barbara style. It's early so let's step out the door. This is a sitting area with mountains and ocean view. Anyone know what those bands are on all the palm trees? Here's the sunrise at 6:30 this morning.

Tim ran out the first night here and bought a small Canon Power Shot because we just had to get some photos of this. We are pleased with the quality. It even takes videos so Tim got the waves with the sound..awesome. We are quite impressed with this tiny pocket camera.

Next post I'll take you for a walk around the neighborhood's architecture. xoxoxo


  1. Santa Barbara is our favorite spot too! So happy to hear you're enjoying your time there :-)

  2. I love Santa Barbara, too! My brother-in-law used to live there. He's now in Buellton, next to Solvang a bit north of SB, so I still get to see it quite often. It's so beautiful all the time. I wish I could live there. There's a great art store called Art Essentials. I can't remember the street name, but it's right off of State. Enjoy!

  3. looks amazing! we lived in Costa Mesa for a while but never ventured far - our loss :)

  4. Do you mean to say you went away without a camera?! I barely leave the house wihtout mine!
    I would say the bands are to stop small animals (squirrels?) climbing the trees, although not knowing what animals live in that area, I couldn't be sure.



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