Monday, June 15, 2009


I continue to practice claiming my life back by not working 24/7. I think it's starting to take hold. I actually found myself thinking about my own familyroom this weekend. The ottoman is back from Market and I traded it out for the glass coffee table that has been in front of the sofa. Then as I stood back, I dreamed of a white sofa (yeah, I know...a glutton for punishment). My sofa is a more practical rasberry color, but I love the punch of the white. Then I ran upstairs and came back with a white quilt from the guestroom. Wow, what a difference, don't you think? My walls are already a maize yellow and I'm really liking this combo. This got me a bit excited! Hmm, yup, I'm thinkin...

On Friday, I was in the middle of working on something, so Tim offered to heat up the leftovers from the night before. Next thing I know, Tim slips this plate in front of me and says, "Here's your Happy Meal"......

And we didn't even have the grandkids here! What a nut. Okay, if you can't tell, that's grilled salmon and asparagus with couscous and a green olive on a lovely paper plate. I love leftovers. So easy! And so fun when Tim is in charge, right?

So, Saturday Tim and I went on a 12 mile bike ride. It was a perfect day and NOT raining. It was Tim's idea, of course. Sad to say, I don't naturally think of getting outside for fun. Here in Indianapolis and north of Indy we have the Monon Trail. It is now almost 18 miles long and such a perfect way to bike, skateboard, rollerblade, walk, jog, even cross country ski, weather permitting. It used to be an old railroad bed, but every year it is being extended by asphault from downtown Indy up north through Carmel (yeah) and recently extending into Westfield, IN. There are gorgeous tree covered paths leading into quaint shopping and eating areas. The smell of honeysuckle and sounds of birds singing in the breeze was such a treat. We road down to Broad Ripple, had lunch at one of the many outdoor eateries, visited some shops and headed back. We even stopped by the Indianapolis Art Center, another must see. Enough's a bit of what we enjoyed:


I hope you enjoyed the little tour. Proved to myself that there is life away from the computer/studio on a Saturday. What do you do when you're not working? I'm gonna try more of this kinda thing soon. And if you are in these neck of the woods, the Monon is mucher better in person!


  1. Ohh... your leftovers are so cute!!! Good job, hubby! : ) Oh, and the family room looks gorgeous! If only I had an eye for decorating like you!

  2. What a beautiful trail! That sounds like an ideal day and I love Tim's happy salmon plate (especially that it's such a fancy meal and it's on a paper plate)!

  3. lovely - my sister and BIL are always out on the Monon! Such a great way to utilize old tracks!

  4. The family room looks incredible. I think the white couch was the perfect touch, and how clever you are to use a quilt you already had.

    That trail does look amazing (as did your leftovers). :)


  5. I have been coveting that ottoman since I have seen it at quilt market (in pics, not in person sadly) any chance of a tutorial on how to make one? or just generally pointing me in the right direction :) glad that it made it back home to you...

    love love love the quilt on the sofa...perfecto

  6. Oh Jenn, I would love to do an ottoman tutorial, but I could never find really cool legs. I researched thoroughly on the web for wide ball-like legs. I ended up taking legs off another ottoman..and that's not a practical solution. Tried to bribe my husband to turn them on his lathe. Nope, to much work and too costly. Once i have a solution, I'd love to pass it along.

  7. What a wonderful bike ride! It reminds me of backpacking through lower Wisconsin when I was in high school. The trail was also once railroad tracks. Great memories.

    I love the Happy Meal. My husband likes to do that for the children I wonder if he will do it for me when the kids are gone. lol

  8. Oh and the family room is beautiful too!

  9. The family room looks awesome Mom!!!! Oh, and Dad is a nut - but a cute nut!

  10. Bike riding is the best! We're from Pittsburgh and there are trails everywhere. Weather permitting we try to get out every weekend. We found a place right along a city path that's full of blackberry bushes so I'm taking containers with us the next time and filling them up!

  11. Thanks for the tour...loved it:)
    Have a wonderful week blogging friend:)


  12. I love riding my bicycle and would have adored that ride! As for what I do when not working, I spend as much time as possible on our sailboat, Adios! Or thrift shopping!

    And I am glad to hear you are getting the hang of not working as much. I went through a phase myself where that was all I did. To the point that friends stopped calling to invite me places because I was always "too busy". And I really didn't know how to behave if I wasn't working. It took some time to get out of that rut, but I am so much happier now....

  13. I have just found you and so glad I did! I love your fabric designs!! Michael Miller Fabrics started following me on twitter and I went to their profile and saw interview done with you...what an inspiration you are! I love being creative! I do Interior Design and Design everything from handbags, pillows, pincushions and aprons for my business. I am wanting to get more into designing my own fabric, I think it is wonderful that you started designing your own...I love it! I definitely am a fabric lover! Nice to meet you and I follow your blog now too. Look forward to many more visits!

    Hugs to you,



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