Monday, September 14, 2009


Since the last experience with my husband's GPS, I wanted you to know I attempted to smooth things over. That is, until Tim told me Sheila said, "It's either my way or the highway". Yeah, more like the toll road! I accused her of taking kickbacks. Tim isn't helping. We can drive across town to see Jennifer and the kids and he takes SHEILA. Not only takes her, he turns her on. Why? Should I be worried? Yeah, well the other night I was nestled up close to Tim and was going on and on about you know who, then asked, "You like me better, right?" There was dead silence. Yes, way! His delayed chuckle was not comforting at all!

I also had to introduce you to our retired weatherman, Bob Gregory, that I spoke of in my last post. Don't you just love him? This video still makes me laugh so hard I cry.

I can hardly believe that I leave for Quilt Market in a little over 3 weeks. Still no fabrics and patterns are not ready either. Geez, no pressure! I'm here twiddling my thumbs, tapping my fingers, and.....set myself up on Facebook! Why, you ask? Twitter wasn't enough of a time sucker? No good answer. It appears to be equally addicting though. Started thinking...hope I don't end up in a Twitter and Facebook recovery group. Will you be there? Cool!

Finally, it thrills me to come across images like this. This is a new Pink Fig pattern featuring Summer Soiree fabrics. Go check them out!

When you hear from me again, it will hopefully be with my newest fabric reveal. And may that be VERY SOON, I hope, I hope.


  1. Love the Shelia story! It made me laugh more than the weather man video. lol Men certainly love their gadgets.

    Hope you are able to see your fabrics soon. I can't even imagine how busy you will be once they arrive. Best Wishes!

  2. OMW, the weather man!!! Squeak, squeak, squeak... hilarious. Can't wait to see your new stuff!!! Can you make any lobbying to do some organic prints? ;)

  3. Have the best time at market Paula!!!
    love to all!!

  4. I'm so with you on Sheila! My husband almost got a ticket on the tollway becuase he was futzing with his GPS and we were 1 exit from our exit! Not to mention the time she rerouted us off the highway only to take us around the block and put us in traffic we weren't in in the first place. I tried to tell him her directions didn't make sense, but he will only listen to her. Even after that time!
    Totally can't wait to see your new fabrics!

  5. Your little models are adorable, but they really look fabulous with the cutest outfits in the most fabulous fabric!! xOxO Nerina :)

  6. I can't wait to see your fabrics...the sneak peek looks so lovely! And looking forward to seeing you at Market again!!!


  7. Oh man that was a funny post! You crack me up and the weather man clip was hilarious!

    Thank you so much for featuring my pattern on your blog. I have to tell you that I am completely in love and obsessed with Summer Soiree. I ordered a couple of bolts for my own personal stash.
    Can't wait to see you and all your new designs in Houston.

  8. I have to giggle at this because Sheila was the name of my dear sweet Mother in Law. She also liked to tell you how to drive!

  9. Don't worry Facebook has Facebook Twitter connect now. So you can post on both simultaneously. That should save a little time. :)

  10. We had a GPS experience, we called her Big Mama. She was so bossy and had this "because I said so" tone to her voice. Yet, we didn't turn her off either.

  11. We took my husbands new GPS on vacation to Arizona and my husband kept ignoring her...........
    She kept saying recalculating. She got nicknamed the B---- lovingly
    of course. We headed out Saturday to a quilt expo and my husband plugged her in. I said we are taking Her???
    Can't wait to see your fabrics. Not going to Quilt Market so hope to find a way to get a order placed so I get in on the first printing.
    Summer Soiree is doing so well. Love It.



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