Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Maybe while others have moved on, I'm still thinking about Houston Quilt Market 2009. What a blur it seems now that I'm back and still cleaning up the debri. I somehow didn't get my fill, so recently looked around and found more photos I wish I had. Well I do now. I asked Mary, er, I mean TOLD Mary I had to have this picture of us two being so good. Love that gal!

Now who wouldn't want this photo? Found it on Patty Young's blog. Thank's Jon for a great shot of fun at the Michael Miller 10th Anniversary Party. What a happy evening.

I snatched this from Kathy's blog. Only I know just how much is missing in this photo. I had big plans for the booth. Oh well. Let it go Paula! Just let it go.

I took these on my iPhone of my Tim (MacGyver) Prass doing what he does so well. By the way, I'm sure you're wondering how many husbands can actually fit their entire bodies inside the frame? No pictures of me that evening because I was literally lying on the floor staring into space after way too many hours without sleep. Every once in awhile I'd say "Lookin good, hon," or "Great job, MacGyver (yawn)".

On another note, in a very short time I found these three items made from my Flights of Fancy fabrics. Jona told me at Market that JoAnn's had sewing baskets using my Papillon fabric. I kind of didn't believe it at first, but then realized Jona sells all my fabrics and uses them herself, so she could spot the real deal. When we all got back home, Jona Twittered this picture of the basket. Yup, that's mine, sittin right next to my buddy Sandi Henderson. How fitting. So, I made a trip to the JoAnn's here and they didn't have it...yet?

Then I was clearing out the stacks of mail and flipped quickly through a trade magazine and found this diaper bag with my Zinnia Path fabric (Flights of Fancy). How fun was that?

About as much fun as running into these pj's from The Cat's Pajama's! They are flannel, but that's definately my Fretwork Stripe. Darned if I wouldn't love to be wearing these while using that coordinating sewing basket (above). You can see that, right?



  1. Very nice. So, is your fabric for sale yet? I need to do a search cause I want some.


  2. I love how your personality comes through in every post you do. You are so dang funny... I can see you laying on the floor at market! The girls have been asking for sewing baskets so I am going to hunt yours down at Joanns and put them under the christams tree this year! Who will enjoy that more, me or them?? LOL!

  3. I bought the Sandi Henderson basket last year for my daughter. She loves to keep all of her sewing goodies in it, even though she usually steals mine! :)

    Can't wait for this new line. Very pretty!

  4. You know I love it when you steal. Your my klepto role model. ;)

    And I just have to say how awesome it was to meet Tim in Houston. He's such a great guy and y'all are so cute together.

  5. The p.j.'s are simply the best! Your hard work behind what you create is what makes your products shine :-)

  6. I would buy that diaper bag in one second. LOOOVE it. Guess who sent the very first piece of mail to my new house??? You did. Fabric happiness came on moving day. What a treat. Thanks so very much. If only I had those cozy pj's to lounge around in while I unpack boxes.

  7. I love those pjs!! I really want them!! Your personality really does show through on your posts. I hope to meet you someday. You're a hoot!

  8. Just stopped by to see what you are up to. I love seeing the action shots of Market. Your stuff looks so cute and as always your booth is so classy!



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