Monday, December 21, 2009


I can't tell you how thrilled I am that you are busy digging through your photos. I knew you'd come through! To jump in and join the fun, just read the previous post for a chance to win an entire set of Woodland Delight fat quarters. Come on, surely you have a couple photos stashed in a shoebox under the bed. Now here's our first contestants.

Julia Gabriel says:

I think I was 7 here and about a week before this fated and well remembered photo I tripped over too long shoe laces and tumbled down a flight of stars earning myself this lovely shiner and a concussion. I did get lots of early Christmas gifts though lol. It happened the week before Christmas.
Anna says:
I'm a faithful blog reader from your homestate! I just read your recentpost and you may be horrified to know that I can oblige you twice. I was one of "those" moms who took their kids (two boys) to see Santa every year. I've recently finished compiling their Santa books and I love them. They each have one of those screaming Santa photos and those photos are my most treasured. They say so much about what the boys were like at that age -- mostly that they only wanted to be held by their mom or dad. (Wouldn't I love to have those days back!) Anyway, I've attached my two submissions. What a fun contest -- even if everyone will make fun of me LOL!XOXO,
P.S. In my Dec. 11th post I blogged about finishing the Santa books and why I did it. ;-)

Diane Young says:

These are my grandchildren, Shayla & Finn, Christmas 2006. Finn still doesn't want any part of it. Mele Kalikimaka & Aloha

These are my daughters. One traumatized. . .Two UN-traumatized! She hasn't had her counseling done yet, as this photo is from last year's visit to Santa. She didn't mind him at all this year!! I know she wouldn't mind me sharing her pain for the sake of fabric!! Merry Christmas!
Amy Oliver says:

Mary Kolb says:
Well, this may not appear as a visit gone wrong….unless you saw it from Santa’s perspective.

You see, my sweet husband agreed to play Santa for a family gathering which we also hosted! That doesn’t sound so bad until you know that MY family is around 85 people at this time. This includes my parents, my three brother and five sisters and their families!!!

So hosting included cleaning the rental hall to our specifications in the morning, getting all the food and beverages, setting up all the tables and chairs, decorating and putting up lights etc.

So, when this photo was taken, my husband was exhausted, overheated and had visited with about 25 “believers” before my daughter and daughter-in-law pushed him to the limit and also sat on his lap. And Santa still smiled!

Just looking at this photo reminds me of what a lucky woman I am to be married to what I consider the real Santa.


  1. good grief I love these screaming baby on Santa lap pictures! Wish I had one to share! Keep them coming!!

  2. Wish I had one to share, but my kids enjoyed the experience. Really enjoying the pics, tho! Too funny!!

  3. Such a fun bunch of stories and photos!! Thanks for sharing!



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