Friday, August 6, 2010


You know how people say things like, "We should get together sometime"?  I don't like saying that or hearing it because it's a dangling carrot that eventually rots on the string.  Ewww.  But when Patty and I talked about having a playdate it was as much about getting the kids together and we would tag along.  Had a huge feeling that Amelia and Sydney would hit it off.  And did they EVER!  They pretty held hands the entire day.  So stinkin cute.  Wyatt and Sophia were cute, too, but no holding hands there.  Patty and Jon took most of the photos.  Here are a few.

Amelia and Sydney when they first met


While there was quite a bit to do at the Indianapolis Children's Museum, the Barbi exhibit was actually very enjoyable, even for the guys.  For me, it brought back a flood of memories.  I had handmade clothes for my Barbi.  Sure wish I still had them.  Tim's mom knitted Barbi outfits for Jennifer which now belong to Amelia.  This spring I bought a Barbi doll at a yard sale because, even though it was a reproduction, she was the Barbi I had as a child.  The blonde bouffant.  I have an attraction to the 60's fashion so the girl in me snatched her up for $5. 

My Barbi on her way out for a fun weekend. You have a fun weekend, too, and do something childlike.


  1. Looks like a fun playdate. I loooooved barbie's as a kid and I had one just like yours except she was a brunette - same face though. I'm sure she is still at my mom's house somewhere.

  2. Cute Barbie, Paula! She's so MOD! :) We had a blast and can't wait to see you all again! Thanks for hanging with us. :)


  3. How adorable... looks like those girls had a perfect day!!



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