Friday, August 13, 2010


One of the glories of blogging is making wonderful friends like Victoria of Bumble Beans.  We started communicating last year and even though we have never met in person, I feel like I know her, her adorable daughter, all that she loves, but most of all her love for quilting and charity quilts.  It's fun to watch her play and experiment with the fabrics before she lands on the perfect configuration.  So yesterday she sent me pics of her latest creation made entirely of my fabrics and I just had to share her Starlight Baby Quilt front and back:

Here she is playing with the fabrics for the Playtime Quilt. So sorry I don't have a good finished pic, but I think it's close to that tiny blurry one to show you her process.   She works miracles with tiny scraps, no?

Here's what I think is at the quilters, and here is what she was experimenting with for her mom's for Mothers Day gift.

She just opened a new website this week showing some of her creations and, of course, you can follow her blog here.  Thanks to Victoria for all that fabric love.

Have another awesome weekend, my loves.


  1. I always love V's work and didn't realize until now how much I love your fabrics too! (as in, love the fabrics, didn't know they were yours) I've been lusting after that aqua with the paisley flowers and I love your big pink flower designs. wonderful.

  2. Hey Paula! Glad you like it!! Isn't the baby quilt stinkin cute?? Makes me want another baby! Well... Let me think about that for a minute.....

    The playtime quilt is a collaboration between Shelly and I.
    We equally made all the blocks, I pieced the layout and she is about to do her magic on the machine appliqué and her fantastic quilting...
    My mother loved her mothers day wall hanging... :-)

    and my daughter just rummaged my bin of your fabrics and asked for a new bag for school out of it... :-) gotta love it!

  3. I love the back of that quilt! (The front is pretty too.)

  4. Bright and cheery!! My fav combo!!


  5. I wish I could quilt. These are like candy to my eyes. Stunning!



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