Thursday, September 9, 2010


Often times when I'm asked what I do I hesitate and quickly assess who the audience is before I answer.  I know I do some things well enough to declare it as what I do.  Truth is I'm also a dabbler.  In fact, I have many years of dabbling under my belt.  I pick up on some things easily, like I was wired that way.  Then there are other things I tend to shy away from.  Technical or mechanical things with lots of buttons that require manuals scare me a little so I learn just enough to get by.  Computers, cameras, iPhones are what I'm talkin bout.  For instance, I'd prefer painting a flower than take the time to create one in Illustrator. I know I have to be able to do both; I just clearly prefer my way.  Lately I've dared myself to go to the next push those buttons.

So people, I signed up for a Fundamentals Photography class.  Had my first class last night.  O.M.G.  I was so lost.  I didn't even know my camera had a memory card.  Go ahead and laugh, it gets worse.  I never wear my glasses when I take pictures because they collide with the camera's eye piece.  So did you know there's a freakin Dioptic Adjuster?  Of course you did because, unlike me, you probably read manuals.  Now I can wear my glasses and actually see all those other buttons I've been avoiding for so long.  

My goal is to move beyond the dabble stage when it comes to photography.   In fact, I'd like to be above average.  I can't wait to take photos like these.

Jennifer took this of Wyatt "the Mangler".

Loree Alayne Photography
You can see more of our family photo shoot with Loree over on Jennifer's blog

  I'm headed back to San Diego for another couple weeks.  I'm going to miss week 2 and 3 of a 4 week photography class.  I bought a book and I'm going to see if I can find that camera manual.  I'll be practicing and practicing cuz Practice Makes Perfect.   I'll be posting.  Are any of you from San Diego?


  1. Paula - now I know why I don't take good photos! I haven't read my manual!!! Seriously, good for you for taking the class. Photography is one of those things skills that is always nice to have around. Have fun in San Diego.

  2. Native San Diegan here! Love your blog, I'm also trying to learn as much as I can about my camera far I've been relying on my automatic settings because I don't trust my poor vision LOL :)

    Have a safe trip (and bring a sweater, we are unseasonably cool here!)

    Painted Butterfly Studio

  3. I carry my manual around in my purse with the best of intentions--haven't read it once.

  4. I'm saving up to get a better camera right now. My husband is from San Diego. We love to visit family there whenever we are able. Love your blog. Look forward to dropping by more often :)



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