Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Sorry for not posting the winner of the 4 yards of Woodland Delight fabric, but things finally got crankin, uninterrupted, with that bathroom remodel and I didn't stop til I fell into bed.  I had another killer workout this morning and am just now back in the studio.  I'm here now, but you have to listen to me talk about the grandkids...again.

We had a wonderfully busy Labor Day weekend, filled with several trips to Lowe's Home Improvement.  We spend so much time there we actually know more than some of the employees.  We have been known to help perfect strangers.  We run into friends and neighbors and after several chats we barely have time left to install what we bought. 

The highlight of the weekend was spending some time with the grandkids.  The weather was beautiful so we had a cookout over at their house.  Papa brought his banjo and we danced and laughed and played til we wore them out (it's our job you know).  

Have I told you how much more fun it is being a grandparent?  They get so excited when they know we are coming and we can't wait for the hugs and love.  Parenting is way too stressful and worrisome.  Being a grandparent is all fun and games and then we go home.  But the ride home is filled with talking about how blessed we are.  Tim and I did not have great memories of our grandparents.  Tim's were indifferent and mine were downright mean.  Our goal is to be the grandparents we wished we had

Thank you all so much for your comments during this giveaway.  I plan to take some of your excellant advise.  Wow, Google Reader is hands down the preferred method for following a blog.  Why did I think we had to use Bloglines?  See, now I'm asking more questions.
Many of you are not only reading my blogs but following me on Facebook and Twitter.  How do we ever get anything done?  Because I was counting each "follow" I decided to turn it over to my math and spreadsheet guru (Tim) to find a winner.  Drum roll please.

Tiff said "I follow your blog via Google Friend Connect, Twitter, subscribe and like you on Facebook.  Why?  Cuz I loves ya!  I'm hooked on your fabric and you are such a neat woman.  Seriously, I'd give my eye teeth just to get to meet you in person".

Okay, I'm cracking up.  Eye teeth?  Hold on to those Tiff.  Frankly, I'm not always that neat.  But thanks for being hooked on my fabric.  Just email me your address.  And for the rest of you, I plan to have more giveaways so stay tuned!


  1. OMG!!! Seriously??? Thank you so much!

  2. I loved that post, mainly b/c I don't have any wonderful memories of my grandparents and b/c you are the same kind of grandparents that my in laws and my mom are to my children. It really is a blessing to our kids.

  3. I'm so glad you wrote about how fun it is to be a Grandparent. I had my kids soooooo young that I'm an empty nester in my 40s! I kinda had a hard time with it for a while but now I'm OK and thinking about how cool it will be to be a young Grandma and have lots of sleepovers and fun days but have my kids have to deal with all the school drama and driving. Hee hee!

  4. I have to agree with you on the grandparenting. I look forward to playing and loving and, yes, spoiling my grandkids too!!!
    Glad you finished your bathroom remodel!

  5. That post is so sweet and that picture of the two of you is so beautiful! My Granny is coming this very weekend and I am so excited! She and My Uncle Bill adopted my family before my parents were even married (and before we were even born!)and we were raised with them as our grandparents. It looks like you are leaving these kids with some great memories and so me really important love. I hope I don't have to give my eye teeth but I sure hope to get to meet you in person. Are you going to QM in Houston?



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