Thursday, October 14, 2010


Quite by accident I discovered yesterday that only half of the original post I worked on was actually published.  I started growling.  My dog cocked his head, raised his ears and totally agreed with my growl that there was something seriously wrong in Blogland.  My guess is that a refresh didn't refresh, but can't say anymore about it without additional growling.  Instead, I will try to reconstruct. GGRRRR.

*NOTE:  As I was getting ready to post this redo I noticed my post was not being saved.  I kept clicking SAVE NOW and it wouldn't save.   Oh, many more growls later and I was able to copy and paste and start a new post.  I bet that's what happened yesterday, huh? 

 I left off with the lovely CRAFT HOPE book/blog and Manda McGrory's contribution to the book.  Her patchwork pillow was especially appealing to me since you know of my personal fondness of contemporary patchwork.  This book is a keeper and a jumping off point for others wanting to use their creativity to help others. 

Manda McGrory's Patchwork Pillow in Craft Hope

Have you seen Delish magazine yet?  No?  Well then, you are definitely in for a treat.  Delish is a new, free online publication for women.  The quality and quantity are top-notch.  Just sayin.  And, ah-hem, I am honored to be featured in an article in their Fall edition called Woman of the Cloth (giggle snort).  Now I will admit that I am hyper-critical of myself.  I cringe when I read what I said and how I said it in print for all eternity.  So as you read this I just ask for you to extend more grace than I extend to myself.  I want to blame it on a coffee overdose, but truth is, anyone who knows me would never fall for that that.  For goodness sake, I said I liked Anna Maria Horner's artsy fartsy side.  WHAT?  PA-LEASE.  Anyway, the talented Tamara Komuniecki / Editor-in-Chief did a such a great job and you are welcome to gently critique my ramblings starting on page 40.  Check out the whole are going to love it.


  1. Paula! Hee hee!! Do you know I debated with myself a length about asking you if that was printable?! But I decided oh heck, she said it, she does mean it in a wonderfully supportive way, and...just use it. So I did. And I think it's wonderful! (I bet Anna Maria will too!)

    Thank you so much for this nod -- we want to get the good Delish word out to everyone and build a lovely loyal base of followers. This helps us spread the news!

    Emailing you next...


  2. Hehe, I read the article yesterday! You did a great job Paula and I really enjoyed learning even more about you!

  3. You are too hard on yourself. Sounds like you are having the dreaded blogger glitch. Hang in there!



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