Friday, October 29, 2010


My friend and creative cohort Lisa and I delivered the quilts.  We were able to catch 3 out of the 4 little ones and their mom actually awake.  That's pretty good odds, huh?  Just wanted to share their reactions with you:

I'm just drooling over this!

These are so my colors!
Amazed doesn't even describe how I feel.
 I have been so busy this week that I wondered where all the Halloween candy went to, then realized I ate it!  I have so much to tell you and hopefully that will happen next week.  In the meantime, have a frightfully delightful Halloween weekend.


  1. LOVE it!! So sorry we missed what the 4th had to say about his/her quilt! I am also thinking I need to go buy some more of your fabrics now... can you say fabric addict?!!

  2. wow, you really make me want to be a quilter!!! or at least try...
    I've been wanting to patchwork together some of your beautiful prints to make a holiday tablecloth so maybe this will be the inspiration I need!

  3. this post is soooo cute!
    But honestly, I am DYING to see a sneak peek of the new line...c'mon! Something!! Anything!!

  4. What cuties! Those quilts are pretty quilt too!

  5. Love these quilts! I never tire of your designs. Thought you might like to see two chairs I covered in your Summer Soiree fabric I posted on my blog. I love the design with the black background, and now I love my chairs. Thanks!



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