Friday, September 23, 2011


So, I got a wild hair idea, or is it wild hare?  Anyway, I wanted to play around with painting fabric, but didn't have fabric paint.  I thought that when I got acrylic paint on my clothes it was permanent, so why not do it on purpose.  I played folks.   Definitely had to give myself permission.   And had fun.  Okay, so after I painted I took it outside and hung it over a fence to dry.  Problem is I went in, made dinner, cleaned up, yada and totally forgot I left my fabric out.  I went out this morning to find that the sprinklers went off and sprayed it with dirt.  So, had to rinse the fabric in the sink, then into the washer.   The vibrancy is gone, but that doesn't concern me, since I know how easy it will be to add more color when I finally figure out what I'm doing.  

I mentioned in my last post that I didn't take my camera to The Creative Connection.  But Patty did and took some silly shots that just cracks me up. Love my fabric friends.

Let me FINALLY announce the winner of the pillow GIVEAWAY.  I sometimes choose creative ways to find winners.  This time I called my Jennifer (as opposed to someone else's Jennifer) and asked her to pick a number.  She chose 27 for Wyatt's birthday.  That would be Carolann.  Very scientific, right?  Carolann, send me an email with your info, okay?

Have an awesome, colorful, permission to play kind of weekend!


  1. I am in love with that rainbow fabric! I would love to wear it, sleep in it, hang it on the wall, roll around on it. Gorgeous! Color makes me so happy. Thanks for sharing the awesome picture.

  2. I love that rainbow fabric so much! It makes my heart happy. I want to wear it, sleep in it, hang it on the wall, roll around in it. Thank you for posting the awesome picture!

  3. Playing is what makes art and life worth while! Beautiful fabric!

  4. We paint everything on fabric with straight acrylic paint and once it is dry, it's on there. But, it gets thick b/c when you add water it bleeds. I loved getting a little glimpse of the process!



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