Friday, March 30, 2012


I have loved Ball and Mason Jars and accumulated a few over the years.  Recently I can't help but notice the resurgence and various uses.  I was using some of my favorites to store my paint brushes, beach glass, etc., but decided to give them additional exposure.  This is the first of two paintings.  As usual I'm not quite sure if I'm "done done", but enough done to show you.  

I have some jars that I absolutely LOVE.  I have no idea where I acquired these but it's just hitting me how special they are.  Here is a closeup of one Mason jar that is from 1858.  154 years old!  It used to kind of annoy me because the bottom of the jar is thick and rounded so it wobbles and stands crooked.  Now I so relate to that jar as I too am old and wobbly and stand crooked and I'm not nearly that old.  Here's a closeup in case there is any doubt. 


I know this is a late post, but wanted to get this in before I have to put my art supplies away and get cleaning before Jenn and the kids get here on Monday for Spring Break.  I am so excited, I'm vibrating.  


  1. What a timely post! I have a garden window in my kitchen that I've had a horrible time accessorizing. Just last week I decided to go with "Ball jar blue" glass pieces, including some old Ball jars, and have a nice collection forming. Your painting would fit in nicely :-) It's gorgeous!

  2. Spring break in SD! That sounds fabulous! I love glass jars. Art in the simple things. :D You're painting is very lovely. I look forward to seeing the next one!

  3. I love those paintings! I am a big Ball jar fan too. I was lucky enough to come across some beauties at a rummage sale a few years ago for 50 cents a pop so now I have a nice collection. Love them full of dahlias in the summer.



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