Friday, May 11, 2012


Okay, now that the new floors are down in the living and family rooms I am getting excited about moving towards some designing.  Here is what I've come up with for the family room.  I must tell you that we found the area rug last weekend at Home Goods.  However there was another couple already expressing interest in it.  They walked off (probably because we were hovering) and my bad self wanted to snatch it up, but my gooder self won over and we waited to see what they would do.  They bought it.  I was quite disappointed, esp. after checking the rug out online.  Well, my awesome husband had to drive up to LA on business this week and on his way back he stopped at 4 Home Goods stores and finally found another rug.  I know, please don't hate me.  He did that totally on his own, he's that kind of guy.  The best thing is that it's an indoor/outdoor rug, yet doesn't look or feel outdoorish at all. No wait, THE BEST THING is that it was $100 less than the websites were charging for the same rug.  Happy dance.

When Jennifer and the kiddos were here for Spring Break last month we had an art day together.  I started this painting of Tim, Wyatt and Amelia at the beach, but that's as far as I got.  I see that it might just have a promising future in the family room and am excited to finish it along with some seascapes.  I confess I am one that likes my art to match the sofa.  Shocker, huh?

My need for nesting is taking a front seat lately.  That's a good sign that I might be getting back to my old self.  Finally not obsessing about the exterior paint colors so much.  Ask me why.   Okay, because our next door neighbors are having their house re-stuccoed, painted and tile roof removed, repaired and replaced.  Why should that matter?  Well, we recently spent a weekend cleaning up our courtyard of the piles of crap the prior owners left us.  After hauling away broken pots, dead plants, etc. we washed the windows, bought new planters and flowers and by Sunday eve celebrated our accomplishments.   Seriously, the very next day the workers set up shop in our courtyard.  Because we are all on top of each other here my courtyard became a staging area for roof tiles, scaffolding and equipment.  What we have right now is trampled ground covers, a couple broken things and layers upon layers of sand, grit and overspray.  Just when I thought to sneak a photo from the living room of all the chaos and people, they had just removed the large scaffolding and tarps off my greenery.  You can't see much through my filthy windows and narrow view but there are 6 very boisterous people and loud machinery all in my tiny courtyard. CRAZY.  It's no one's fault and I'm happy to have neighbors fixing up, just can't wait until I can reclaim my space and privacy.   I sound old and grumpy today...I AM, okay?!

Finally, I wanted to thank you all for your great comments on my last post.  I got a few interesting suggestions, in fact, here is one from Funky Kim.  It makes me smile, but don't think the neighbors would have the same reaction.


  1. Love the colorway you're working on here. Aqua and yellow is perfection! What a guy to track down that rug for you. He's earned big points there.

    For May's tutorial I'd donate to your favorite charity if you posted a quick and dirty way to paint a peony in acrylic. You have SO much talent and we non-painters would be eternally grateful if we could paint just one measly flower. How about it, Paula? Please be our painting Yoda?


  2. I love your sense of style. I have none and so I always admire others who have that ability. My living room needs a makeover - would you happen to be coming to Utah anytime soon? ;)

    Were these neighbors who are sprucing up their house the ones complaining about your garage door color? I hope not! And I hope the workers are very good about cleaning up their messes and not destroying your new pots and plants. Good luck!



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