Monday, August 27, 2012


No, I didn't fall off the face of the earth and I'm not in a witness protection program.  I have been painting the summer away.  I have now painted the majority of the main level of the house from top to bottom while Tim has been installing the wood flooring, replacing baseboards and updating electrical, just to name a few projects.  The one thing I couldn't bring myself to paint, er... repaint, is the garage door.   Tim relieved me of the task and I avoid even looking at the "unofficial" clone tan by clicking on the door opener as I round the corner.  Up it goes, I slide in and close it behind me (it is a common practice here anyway).  And who says color is not emotional?

I have been painting interiors most of my life and must say it's getting old.  Truth is I do it better and cheaper.  Just when I thought I was ready to throw in the brush...I mean towel, I was able to escape an spend time with friends and family.  In May/June we met friends Jerry and Lisa in Kauai, Hawaii.  All the pics of Lisa and I turned out much like my past trip to Hawaii where hair is either in your face or blown straight upward.  Remember this past photo of me impersonating Nick Nolte?   Why was my hair glowing orange? Anyway I have plenty new Nolte look-alike photos that I'll skip for now.

I was able to get a few other shots that represent the beauty everywhere.

Hanalei Bay
Patchwork Farm
How Coy

How the birthday boy spent his day

Bike Ballet

View from our lanai
Below is a photo of the Lihue Lutheran Church which has special meaning to my friend Lisa; as one of her past relatives (a German immigrant) helped build in 1885.  The 6 month trip on board the ship around Cape Horn is reflected in the architecture.  The floor slants like the deck of a ship; the balcony is the captain’s bridge; the ceiling is like the hull; the lights are ship lanterns; and the pulpit the forecastle.  It burned to the ground and has since been rebuilt, trying to keep as much of the original.  

Lihue Lutheran Church

So as a gift for the invite and the MANY other blessings Lisa has bestowed on me and my family I painted this for her.  I usually prefer exaggerating colors and contrast, but made a decision to paint it just as we captured it that day.

Lihue Lutheran Church by Paula Prass

I find that I do much better painting what I see so this wasn't difficult, just detailed.  Abstract is still hurting my brain. I have been working in acrylics but am going to try oils soon...yikes!

Guess it's been way too easy to become reclusive here behind that garage door.  Promise to put the brush down to spend more time with you.  Thank you so much to those who have emailed to check on me.  It means more than you know, trust me.  


  1. Beautiful painting! So glad you haven't fallen off of the world! I hope you'll be posting pics of the house soon. I'm still trying to wrangle a trip down south to meet you, but the kids are becoming increasingly expensive ;-)

  2. Hi Paula! I bet your walls look fabulous! Always feels great with a new coat of paint, right? Really enjoyed reading your blog today. Reminds me how I need to plan that trip to Hawaii with my husband, soon.

  3. So much beauty here...I love your church painting, and I hope there is a fabric line being inspired by the view from your lanai. The colors are fantastic!

  4. Glad to know you have been having some great fun in your life! But so sorry you had to really paint over the beautiful garage door. :(

    Your painting is fabulous and I'm sure your friend, Lisa - who has a great name btw -, loved it!

    Take care!

  5. Thank you all so much! Means the world to me.



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