Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Remember my friend Nancy?  I simply adore her.  She was my neighbor in Carmel, IN.  Oh. a side note: Carmel IN was recently voted the best town to live in right now.  Here to say they do not lie; it's an awesome place to live filled with lots of people like Nancy.  Anyway, her middle name is Rose and her birthday is July 5th.  Her favorite colors are red and blue and her style is country french.  I know all this because I was her interior designer.  The one area I never completed was a very cool cubby in the great room that needed just the right artwork so we just hung a blue and white plate up there....a few years ago.  But alas, I just painted this vase of roses for her birthday and hand delivered it to her.  I didn't actually have this coveted vase or the roses in front of me...just made it up.  

Yes, she is just as beautiful on the inside.  So I was able to accompany her to the framers but missed seeing the finished piece so she sent this photo of how it looks it it's new location.   

It took a few years but I finally found the perfect piece of artwork, right?

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  1. Didn't get a chance to say how I loved the picture yesterday and today another. The roses are beautiful and you captured them so well with out having them in front of you. Keep posting the paintings please.love looking at wonderful things



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