Wednesday, October 24, 2012


With the 100 degree temperatures and $5.00 a gallon gas prices going down slightly, the remodeling and oil paintings around here have ramped up.  This weekend we finally tackled my studio AGAIN.  We have probably rearranged that room four times. Tim would totally say that is the one time I have under-estimated anything.  Trying to figure out how to cram all I do and need in there is no easy task.  But every time we start another house project the studio tends to be the one place to stash, pile-up and close the door.   So, we got in there and made some progress.  Of course, now I can't find my car because we moved the piles to the garage.  But I can see the whole worktable surface and to celebrate I hung my Ball Jar paintings above the worktable and put the landscape painting over the living room fireplace.  Hurrah for progress.

Speaking of my artwork, you have asked and I can finally say that these four pieces are available through GREENBOX ART + CULTURE.  The canvas art is superior quality with deep gallery wrapped sides.  The Ball Jar canvases come in two sizes, 10" square and 21" square.  The landscape is 30" square.  Click on the link and get 10% off.  By the way, I have other pieces in their OOPSY DAISY division if you are looking for children's art.  

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