Friday, October 26, 2012


We have been constructing 10'x10' built-in bookcases in the living room for a month or so now.  By we, I mean Tim.  I just drew up what I wanted them to look like and walked past with encouraging words like "Great job, hon" and " Lookin good".  It seems to have worked because they look amazing.  No reveal yet, as I now have to fill the many shelves.  I tend to like the clean, uncluttered look, which is a small challenge as Tim is a book lover and  the older the better.  I like the pretty books, the ones with more pictures than words;  art, interior design, fashion, and oh so pretty covers.  These are just a few books from the boxes and boxes of Tim's well-worn collections.  So once we got the worktable in my studio finally cleared off I sheepishly broke the news to Tim that I might like to make book sleeves for some of his know, to protect them and all.  God knows we wouldn't want them to get damaged or anything.  To my surprise he not only liked the idea...he wanted to do it himself.  We already had a roll of white craft paper which was my choice, but if you are thinking of doing this the butcher block craft paper would work nicely, as well.  

This barely puts a dent in the amount of books he still has to do, but I can't wait now to display these crisp titles.  As you might guess it is very easy.  I would have preferred old looking font stamps, but this is what I had in the size that worked and you wouldn't have thought about it if I hadn't mentioned it, right?  Now isn't this a happy ending?

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  1. Very nice! Now once they are all on the shelf in just the right order you could use those white covers as a canvas to paint on a water color-esque painting. Make it look bright and lively like you! But now solid like acrylics or you won't see the titles of the books! Have fun!



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