Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Victoria Findlay Wolfe is one of those people that the very moment you meet her you find yourself instant friends.  We were actually blog friends first and her passions drew me in.   When I lost my son she called and emailed regularly to check in on me.   Anyone who knows Vic will have similar stories, I'm sure.   So when I received her newly released book in the mail, at first I was surprised, then overwhelmed with her amazing generosity.   I sat and read it cover to cover in one sitting; and that my friends is nothing short of a miracle.  I am a picture looking visual kind of gal and only when I am drawn in by the image do I choose to read more.  I read it all.

This is what I found inside the cover:

 And here is Page 22.  This fun quilt is exclusively my fabrics (love her more):

Victoria and I hanging in my booth at the Salt Lake City Quilt Market in 2011: 

Her timing was impeccable, as I had just sorted through and organized all my small fabric scraps into jars, by color of course.  They are awaiting an inspirational project and Vic's book is filled with those!  

If you don't already know this inspiring lady then please check out her sites:

Here is how I organized my fabric scraps for future inspiration:


  1. Paula, I find this post inspiring! I think many women feel like "instant friends" with you. I know I do! Your entire entrepreneurial spirit makes me want to shake things up here at Nestle and Soar. Thanks for giving me a boost today. Georgianne

  2. Color color color!!! Paint! decorate! Big heart.. You got it all down, my friend... Enjoy some PLAY time!!!! Happy to know you!



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