Monday, February 18, 2013


Since my last post we had more house guests; our dear friends from Indiana.  This time my entertaining and sightseeing skills were put to the test with a toothache that was a 7-8 on the pain scale (childbirth being a 10).  I hugged my guests goodbye on the last day of their visit and took off for an emergency root canal.  It took six shots to numb that sucker and wasn't back home until almost 5 PM.  I'm not sure why people say they'd rather have a root canal than some horrible event because the root canal for me was actually a relief.  I don't even want to discuss all the trouble I've had with my teeth since arriving in San Diego.  Let's just say the dentist office is my second home (and second mortgage).  I got back in enough time to do some laundry, throw some clothes in a suitcase, stare at the ceiling for a couple hours before getting ready to fly out at o'dark thirty for Indianapolis.
I got to play grandma for a week while Jennifer and Joe took a little vaca.  It has been my goal to be the grandma I always wanted and I take that role very seriously.   We cooked many kids do you know that beg for salmon, couscous and edamame?  We played Uno, Sorry and were going to play Monopoly until I realized I'd have to be the banker.  We laughed a lot and had our mandatory art day...all favorite things to do together.  Their nickname for me is The Meemster.  Not as in mean, but as in Mimi (at least that's what they tell me, hmmm?)  I adore those two and am so very blessed to know their love.

We each painted 3" mini canvases among other projects.  They both took advantage of a "technique" I showed them by using the end of their paintbrush to add or subtract.  A. added polka dot snowflakes by dabbing the end of the brush in paint and W. created circles by layering the paint on the canvas, then drawing with the end of the brush.  They couldn't wait to present their mini masterpieces to their mom and dad when they returned. 

My 3" canvas was painted in the style of a favorite piece of art by Peter Wileman.  I took photos of all three pieces with my iPhone so really don't know how mine turned out so closeup and rectangle instead of square.  Oh well.  Wonder how large Mr. Wileman's paintings are; bet bigger than 3" and much better than mine.  I'll make mine real big here to impress you, but you better go see his art to really knock your socks off.  

So I am back home now with no plans to travel anytime soon and am shutting down the B&B until May.  Guess that means I should post more, huh?  Oh, alright.  I have some tutorials coming soon and more pics of the work we've done around here.  And thanks so much for your messages and encouragement.  

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