Thursday, February 21, 2013


In January, I was able to join Tim on a business trip to Santa Barbara.  It was last minute so I threw some clothes in a suitcase, grabbed my camera and we caught a train.  It was definitely the way to go!  What I didn't anticipate is that we had record breaking low temps so anytime I went out I ended up wearing everything in my suitcase....all at the same time.  As cold and windy as it was I walked and and walked and managed to get some great photos.

This last Thursday I had my oil painting class in La Jolla and chose one of my harbor photos to paint.  I mentioned to the gal next to me that I was determined to finish my painting that day and give it to my husband for Valentine's Day (that day).  She promptly named my painting "LOVE BOATS".  

I got this much done during class and surprised Tim right before he surprised me with a trip to Coronado Island to The Boathouse for a lovely dinner.  Today I placed it in a frame to see how it looks.  My instructor says every painting looks better in a frame, don't you agree?  I still need to finish some details, sign it and then step back. 

This was the view as we drove across the Coronado Bridge as the sun was going down.  Here's an image of the Boathouse which dates back to 1887.  It was dark by the time we got there, but still a perfect pairing with the LOVE BOATS.  



  1. Wow Mom - I just love that painting! I'm sure Dad was brought to tears and just loves his gift.

  2. I'm a new follower and thought I'd say hi! Great blog!!
    Come by any time :)



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