Thursday, March 21, 2013


Hey friends, I wanted to show you this amazing home I worked on back in Carmel, IN.  It's getting ready to go on the market so you are getting the inside scoop.   There are many more images, but as a designer I know where the heart of the home is and the first thing people want to check out. 

Right after I completed gutting and remodeling my own kitchen HEREI got a knock at my door from a neighbor who ended up not only hiring me to remodel their kitchen, we became and remain dear friends.  I've been in this kitchen and home for many a gathering since it was completed. 

This mudroom is right off the garage on the way to the kitchen.  The door you see was nothing more than a plain, flat metal security door so I had an artist paint it to look dimensional!  People have to touch it to believe it's not flat.  There are built-in coat racks and storage on the left of the door to coordinate with the cabinets on the right.

Recognize the painting inside the cubby above?   I painted that for Nancy without having the vase or roses to work from.  Here's a CLOSEUP along with a closer look at some interior shots.

As you can see the kitchen, breakfast and family room areas were completely opened up.  I added three sets of french doors that lead out to a huge outdoor space and and fenced yard which adds to the spacious feel.   

Guess you can tell how much I love this home, the cul-de-sac, neighbors and Carmel, IN.  It's a coveted area, as you might remember from HERE  So I am just spreading the word to you.  Let me know if you are interested and I'll be glad to help.  Somewhat selfish, as my dear friends will be moving closer to our neck of the woods.  


  1. Paula,

    This is just a gorgeous home. It is obvious that you are a fabulous interior designer!

    Beyond that, I love your blog! So instructional and interesting. I am joining your site and know I will spend many interesting hours here. Cannot wait for your next post.

  2. Well thank you Carol. Your art blog has been a great find for me, as well.



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