Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Have you ever had the incredible experience of catching the sun setting?  I say catching because it happens almost instantaneously.  I have been known to jump out of a moving vehicle just to snatch a quick photo of the brilliant sky works as the sun hits that horizon.  I was given an amazing opportunity to experience this phenomenon when I joined Tim on a work project in Hawaii.  Tim would make it home just in time to change clothes and I would have our glasses of wine waiting on the edge of the counter as we headed out the door for our short walk to Kai-Lani beach.  Many people converged and within minutes the sun did it's daily magic of switching out colors like a turning kaleidoscope as it fell below the horizon.  We all bid farewell and headed back to our homes, promising we would spend the next eve together, even if it was only for another 20 minutes max.  Can you imagine capturing this in a plein air painting?  I would still be setting up as it all disappeared into darkness before my eyes.

So this is a recent study I worked on in the Alla Prima class (meaning wet on wet, done in one sitting).   Each student worked from the same photograph (below) of the Santa Ysabel Valley and it was incredible how each of our paintings turned out so very different.  i can see some things I would have done differently, but working faster and looser is the goal.  

On a slightly different note, if you follow my blog you should be familiar with my friend Barbi of 40+ years.  Well, she came for a visit in January.  We galavanted all over San Diego; the beaches, Balboa Park and Coronado Island, soaking up all the golden glow with the purple highlights that is something I hope never to get used to.

Here's just another path; one of many we've gone down together.

 So many fun photos from that visit, but I will refrain.  I did receive this awesome book from Barbi afterwards.  It is a precious source of inspiration from a precious friend and I will treasure this book...like forever.

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