Friday, October 4, 2013


REFLECTIONS by PAULA PRASS  6x6 oil on board
I haven't been able to paint as much lately because life keeps getting in the way.  It started when the air conditioner quit draining outdoors and decided to drain into my studio instead.  We had to pull everything out, throw some furniture, fabrics and books out, deal with mold, etc.  That happened at the same time we were stripping and resealing the saltillo tile on our back patio so the whole house was turned upside down.  When we put things back together in the studio Tim unplugged our modem and router to move them and when he plugged them back in the router was dead!!!!!!!   I mean DEAD.  I store almost everything on the "share drive" so I can work from different computers.  I have been crippled.  I had been working on a new website and business cards.  All my photos, artwork are locked up and even my MacGuyver can't fix it.  On top of that it seems other things decided to kick the bucket.  Let's see; both cars have been in the shop.  I was ironing brand new curtains for the back patio and as I walked over to the sink I thought I heard a popping sound.  I came back and the moment I placed the iron on the curtain it instantly melted a hole through my outdoor curtain.  What's even funnier is Tim hung the curtain anyway. 

The modum died last week, the grill went kapoot this week.  I'm telling myself, "This is a test.  This is only a test".   I know these are all just inconveniences in the scheme of life and this curtain is a reminder to not take things so seriously.

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  1. Ugh! How frustrating and a test of your patience! I love your attitude. I don't think I would be a gracious about it all! Your "Reflections" painting is GORGEOUS! I'm going to a "Paint and Vine" workshop - my first foray into painting! I can't wait! (Not to mention two glasses of wine are including in the class - haha!)



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