Wednesday, July 8, 2015


Guess you can tell I love peonies. Well, truth is it's hard to find a flower I don't love, so let me rephrase that. I love PAINTING PEONIES. They are such happy flowers, don't you agree? 

I was in between projects and just had to stop and paint these. I grabbed a canvas board that was conveniently already primed in yellow while back. However, once I completed the painting and went to photograph it I noticed the 6x6 canvas didn't have straight edges. GRRRRR. Normally when I paint small I use smooth hardboard panels that I prepare ahead of time with gesso and an undercoat of paint. I have to say I like the smooth boards better. I prefer the texture of the gesso better than the canvas and whether I cut them or buy them, the hardboard is cut straight. 

All to say, I decided to make this painting into a print, available in my Etsy store in either a 5x5 for $12, or an 8x8 for $18.00 here

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