Thursday, June 3, 2010


DO NOT FREAK.  While these shootings were drive-by, they were taken with my camera while Tim was driving.

I'm back and am quite refreshed and almost ready to dive into the tons of designs that are either swarming around in my head or have already been put to canvas.  But before I dive too deep I promised to share some of my trip with you and the inspiration I found as we drove up and down the coast.

No better way to describe how these photos were taken...many of the were taken as Tim was driving and I was shooting the camera at just a few "cottages", doors and gates.  If you follow my blog you might remember I have an irrisistable weakness for interesting doors.  Last time photos were mostly in Santa Barbara here, here, here and here.  These were taken mostly in La Jolla and Bird Rock:

We referred to this miniature, impeccably kept home as the Keebler cottage. I was so tempted to knock on the door to see if Mrs. Keebler would  let me take a peek inside.

These are entries that lead to the entries. I bet they don't get many solicitors, ya think?

Here are a few more, but believe me this is just a sampling.

Is this amazing?

(I only wish I could add the coastal breeze, wonderful smells and the warmth of the sun for you.) 


  1. gorgeous collection of photos, thanks for sharing! xo

  2. Since I am a born and raised CA'er, I'm biased, but California coastal architecture is the unique and just stunning! Looks like you had a wonderful time!

  3. great shots! We don't have doors like that in the midwest!:)

  4. These houses and entryways are just amazing!

  5. How beautiful...i thought i was the only one with a front door fetish! Of course the stunning lush gardens of California are hard to take too. I just thought i'd take this moment, for my own personal public service announcement.... please people, stop putting ugly Home Depot stock doors on your custom built homes! It's one of my biggest pet peeves! Honestly would you wear your sexiest cocktail dress with a pair of beat up old construction boots!? I rest my case. ;D

  6. Lovely "Drive By's!" It looks like you were practically in my back yard, well maybe a bit south of here in Carlsbad. I saw a wonderful interview with you by Bary J. at Quilt Mart. Your dresses are amazing and I was happy to learn your pattern sizes won't be just for little girls, that us women will be able to strut out stuff in style, too. You're a blessing! THANKS!

  7. You've got me drooling! I love doorways and pathways!

  8. I've always loved beautiful doors and doorway -- adds so much to the curb appeal of a house! These pictures are so pretty!

  9. Lovely, Paula! Hope you are well and jealous of your travels!

    Joyfolie {formerly Mia Joie}



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