Thursday, July 1, 2010


I know you figured I must have been blown into oblivion since I have been absent, but I survived all those storms.  Every other spare moment that wasn't spent in the dark was devoted to painting and designing my next lines.  The last storm knocked out the air conditioning during temps in the 90's and humidity much worse.  I moved my studio on the back porch and kept plugging away.  I must say that I am in my element when I have a paintbrush in hand.  Remember the movie "Chariots Of Fire" when Eric Liddell said "When I run I feel God's pleasure"?  Well, that is me when I paint.  Like I'm doing what I was meant to do.  I am never more focused than when I am painting the glorious face of a flower.   

I have more to share from my trip to CA.  While there, I selfishly purposed to squeeze in every ounce of time alone with my beautiful surroundings, my husband and finding inspiration for my upcoming designs.  However, there were two gals I did stop to visit with.  You might know them. 

Kay Ellen   Kay and I met through blogging and our shared love for design.  Kay's blog Kay Ellen Design is exceptional.  She is exceptional.  And last January (09) Kay drove down from Riverside to meet me here in person.  She showed me around the South Beach antique stores that I couldn't wait to visit again.  I was quite excited that she made the trek to meet me again at the same place one year later. 

Missy  As in Missy Severson aka Sweet Funky Vintage.  We first met in Chicago at a Country Living Event in 2008 and continue to connect whenever possible.  Her and the fam came through Indy last year but Tim was, of course, on a business trip.  So Tim and I met her and Mr Hunk, I mean Chris, for dinner and laughter.  We took another opportunity to let them know how much we appreciate the sacrifices they make while Chris serves our country.

There were others I would have loved to see if there was more time.  Hi Deana (old friend from Indianapolis) and Cynthia (Heavenly Hostess).  Maybe next trip?  

A change of scenery was certainly what was needed to jumpstart my creativity.  Here's a bit more of all I absorbed and you might just see some of these in upcoming designs.  I stuck in the Bird of Paradise just because I can't believe the cartoon-like nature of this flower.  It all just amazes me. 


  1. It's so wonderful to have friends to visit all over the country!!! I met Kay Ellen when she was here in Phoenix, and I look forward to seeing her again in LA in a few weeks!! You always have a friend in Phoenix with me!

  2. Hi sweet Paula!

    So glad we got to spend some time together~~~
    Aahhhh I miss you:)

    California is calling your name!

    Kay Ellen

    Guess what? I am down 20 pounds now... yippee!!

  3. California agrees with you-- and we don't have many storms here!! Your photos are gorgeous and I can't wait to see what you've been painting.
    Have a happy 4th...the girls and I made your firecracker strawberries last night.

  4. Hi Paula, Kay Ellen and I are buddies, isn't she great!? I'm so happy you have met up with her. She certainly knows the ins and outs of So Cal. You couldnt have found a better new west coast friend. Enjoy!




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