Monday, June 1, 2009


While Jennifer and I were downloading this image, without thinking, we ate the still life. Before we realized it we had nothing left but a stack of not-so-pretty pits. No do-over. No trying a different angle. So what started as just a pretty picture depicting Life Is A Bowl of Cherries, turned into a thought provoking blog post.

Yesterday was way more than June 1 around here. It's the day we closed the wholesale portion of our children's and home decor line of accessories. In January we were side swiped with CPSIA's initial regulations smack dab in the middle of Market in Atlanta and LA! The state of the economy already seemed enough of a downer for small businesses, or so I thought. We spent a solid week making phone calls and researching the web; trying to get some understanding for our store owners, sales reps, showrooms and our own confused selves. Every person we talked to had hugely different answers.

Since too many decisions have to be made months in advance, I made a painful call to end it. Sounds so simple, yet it was quite difficult. We have poured 6 years, 7 days and nights a week of our lives into this baby. It was a huge loss and I confess I melted. The most difficult part for me was letting others down and letting people go.

You might remember my rapid departure back in January? Tim had an instant, yet very timely business trip to here, here, here, here and here and announced he was sweeping me away to join him. I walked on the beach, prayed and sorted the madness. I returned to a Stay by the CPSIA, but my decision had been made. Months later, I am embracing the possibility of creating and designing again. And while I have several fun things in the works, you can be assured I will be guarding my time from here on out! In the meantime, while we have postponed the wholesale orders it doesn't change our retail sites, Look for upcoming sales!


  1. You made the right choice, Paula. You are amazing and insightful and wonderful...and an artist, returning to your roots will be refreshing! xoxox Simone

  2. Paula, You will shine whatever direction your creative God-given gift takes you!!! I sure miss working for you, seeing your smiling face a few days a week and sharing your awesome humor! Can't wait to see more fantastic designs in the future.

  3. It's a hard decision I know. But God has a plan for you and it will be a great one!

  4. Paula- It is okay to grieve as you close down your shop. But don't forget all the wonderful things you have cookin'... your fabric designs are wonderful and you have a huge following. Looking forward to all your future creations, patterns, etc

  5. way to go Paula, those decisions are fraught with so much pain but the sun comes up in the morning and I see a wonderful horizon in your future..stay true to yourself...much admiration, Jennifer

  6. Paula,
    I know there are many more great opportunities headed your way (but I still hate that stupid CPSIA)! Your Tim is a smart guy to get you away for some quiet time.

    Pretty cherries too!

  7. This decision will make you even stronger and refocus you in ways you never thought possible. All the best - Beej

  8. Such a beautiful and thoughtful post. Go with your heart!


  9. I can hear the pain of your decision in your post. My heart goes out to you. If it makes you feel any better, you are a fabulous fabric designer and I am so proud to offer your beautiful collections in my store. Love your
    Summer Soiree collection and can't wait until it arrives. I hope (and think) you'll look back at this decision and feel like it was right.



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